Manage Personal Details (Investment Registry)

A secure online register of each investment regardless of its type (share, bond or loan). This brings transparency to your investors (members) but also allows them to manage their latest information such as:

  • address
  • email
  • bank account
  • share nominee (in case something happens)
  • child details (if purchased on behalf of a child)
  • company details (if purchased on behalf of a company)

Track Payments

Investors and members can check when, how much and to what bank account they got paid. This includes any dividends, interest or capital repayments.

  • Access to all information needed for HMRC Self Assessments
  • Download payment history to excel
  • See donated interest separate to received interest
  • Track partial share repayments


Find and download any project/investment related document such as:

  • Share Offer
  • Minutes from AGM
  • Annual Report from AGM
  • Annual Accounts
  • Energy production data
  • Etc

Digital Interactivity (Coming Soon)

What makes Community Energy different is the people element

We have 2 premium ‘social’ features that increase investors/members engagement:

Digital AGM (Annual General Meeting) Voting

  • Ability to vote digitally in AGMs.
  • Reducing the need of physical presence at the AGMs.
  • Increase the participation from your membership.

Investor Forum

  • Each project has its own forum, only visible to its investors.
  • Have continued engagement with investors and enable them to engage with each other.
  • Share the latest news and leverage the network of your investors who believe in a better future.

Software Security

We are using the latest technology in app development to innovate faster and ensure your data is secure.

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