White Label Platform

We have made this platform as a white label software meaning, you can brand it with your logo and use your own website subdomain (example: platform.yourwebsite.org.uk). The advantage of this is that you keep a direct relationship with your members and not lose them to 3rd party platforms or services.

  • Retain branding
  • Retain interface with your important membership
  • You don’t need IT expertise to set it up or use

Manage Personal Details (Investment Registry)

A secure online register of each investment regardless of its type (share, bond or loan). All password and bank account data is encrypted to protect your members data. This register brings transparency to your investors (members), but also allows them to manage their latest information such as:

  • address
  • email
  • bank account details (to pay interest)
  • share nominee (in case something happens)
  • child details (if purchased on behalf of a child)
  • company details (if purchased on behalf of a company)

Digital Voting

Not all members are able to participate in person at your AGMs but they still want their voice heard. Directors can create their own poll for your membership to vote on.

  • Set vote deadline
  • One member, one vote
  • 2 types of questions available
    • Yes or No
    • For, against and abstain
  • View results for each poll
  • No need for paper or email votes
  • All information in a single platform
Digital voting for community energy

Track Payments

Investors and members can check when payments are made, how much and to what bank account. This includes any dividends, interest or capital repayments.

  • Access to all information needed for HMRC Self Assessments
  • Download payment history to excel
  • See donated interest separate to received interest
  • Track partial share repayments

Local Impact

Share with your members how their investment is creating local impact. Allow them to share this publicly and attract interest from the wider public on your project and become future supporters.

  • Show your track record
  • Make your membership feel proud of supporting your project
  • Attract PR
  • Attract potential future members
Display the social impact of community energy
Crowdfunding for community energy


We provide you with a ready to go crowdfunding page for your next project fundraiser.

  • Optimised to build trust in your project and increase investment
  • Optimised for social sharing
  • Accept digital payments (direct debit and cards) vs having to cross check bank transfers
  • Capture all the necessary information for ongoing support to your members in one go
  • Faster investment process for existing members
  • No need to know IT to setup
  • This platform is part of the Financial Conduct Authority Green FinTech Programme we have received guidance from the FCA on the best practices, to protect you and your membership


We already integrate with other tools you might use:

  • Facebook – view your Facebook feed in the platform
  • Twitter – view your Twitter feed in the platform
  • Mailchimp – Keep your membership email list updated
  • Stripe – Accept credit card payments for investments in your project
  • GoCardless – Accept direct debit payments for investments in your project

Do you currently use a tool you would like to integrate with, please contact us.


Software Security

We are using the latest technology in app development to innovate faster and ensure your data is secure.

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