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Transitioning from the big 6 to the 60,000 energy companies, owned and managed by the local community.

CoEnergy automates tasks required to setup and manage community energy projects. Community energy is important because it is an energy system that puts people first. It is my goal to make it easy for people to do more for their community and compete with the wider private energy sector.

André Pinho
André Pinho

Aerospace engineer turned energy geek on a mission towards less and cleaner energy

I have a background in both technology and energy. It is this exciting intersection that motivated me to develop innovative solutions to help us transition to a more efficient and cleaner energy footprint. Community energy has always been my passion and in 2010 I co-founded Brixton Energy in London. I have managed its projects for 8 years and truth be told, most of the ongoing tasks are repetitive and boring! I would much rather focus my time and expertise on creating new and meaningful community energy projects, which will add even more value to my community. I believe there is a different and more effective way to do this.


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